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Suicide Prevention and The State of Psychiatry


Dr. Harki Kaur and Dr. Aaron Vazquez hosted a Facebook live event recently and discussed Suicide prevention and provided an update on what is happening inside Psychiatry today. Dr. Kaur is a 4th year resident in Psychiatry and Dr. Vazquez is a practicing Psychiatrist. Both are graduates of the University of Medicine and Health Sciences and were happy to share their knowledge and expertise in this area in celebration of National Suicide Prevention Month. Please check out their recent interviews on the UMHS Blog. You can find the interview with Dr. Kaur here: <a href="https://www.umhs-sk.org/blog/umhs-alum-dr.-harki-kaur-on-psychiatry-national-suicide-prevention-week-2021" rel="nofollow">https://www.umhs-sk.org/blog/umhs-alum-dr.-harki-kaur-on-psychiatry-national-suicide-prevention-week-2021</a> You can find the interview with Dr. Vazquez here: <a href="https://www.umhs-sk.org/blog/dr.-aaron-vazquez-colleagues-host-facebook-live-on-psychiatry-during-national-suicide-prevention-week" rel="nofollow">https://www.umhs-sk.org/blog/dr.-aaron-vazquez-colleagues-host-facebook-live-on-psychiatry-during-national-suicide-prevention-week</a> If you are wanting information about how to become a Psychiatrist, please check out this article: <a href="https://www.umhs-sk.org/blog/become-a-psychiatrist" rel="nofollow">https://www.umhs-sk.org/blog/become-a-psychiatrist</a> The University Of Medicine and Health Sciences is a top rated medical school in the Caribbean and takes pride in providing world class medical education with personalized attention to each student. Please check out an overview of the Medical school here: <a href="https://www.umhs-sk.org/caribbean-medical-schools" rel="nofollow">https://www.umhs-sk.org/caribbean-medical-schools</a>

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LGBTQ+ Medicine and Theory Virtual Bootcamp - UMHS Caribbean Medical School


UMHS alum Søren Estvold M.D., M.P.H., & UMHS MS4 student Priscilla Bigol give a full primer on LGBTQ+ medicine.

UMHS alumnus Søren Estvold, MD, MPH (Class of 2018) is in a Family Medicine residency at Augusta University Medical Center in Georgia. He proudly wears “LGBTQ+” on his hospital scrubs to show that patients can feel safe with him.

The UMHS Endeavour interviewed Dr. Estvold about his work at the Equality Clinic in Georgia, about treating the trans-community, and about his journey through medical school and residency as an openly gay man. Read more here - https://www.umhs-sk.org/blog/umhs-alum-dr.-s%C3%B8ren-estvold-hosts-facebook-live-on-treating-lgbtq-patients

00:59 Full Spectrum Medicine
03:06 Labels
04:05 Definitions
05:31 The Gingerbread Person
06:15 The Kinsey Scale
07:12 Sexual Identities
08:08 Flag History
10:44 Gender Minority Stress Frame Work
13:07 Health Disparity Linked to Race
16:07 Discrimination in Health Care - Poor Outcomes
20:51 Heart Health
24:30 Health Considerations
30:21 Men's Medicine
38:46 Social Determinants of Health
44:22 Transgender Medicine
54:52 Sage
55:18 Clue
55:55 Update Your Clinic

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